Sign Up For Baptism

We urge everyone to take this public step of identifying with Christ and with other followers of Christ. We feel it is an important and very public way we say, “I know I have become a new person in Christ. My identity is now in Christ Jesus.” Baptism means immersion, because it is what the church in Acts did. It demonstrates what has happened in your new birth: death, burial, and resurrection. We are saturated through and through with God. In Acts, they first trusted Christ, then were baptized. Baptism doesn’t save us, but shouts out in a public way that we have decided to follow Christ.

You are expressing your faith in a visible way, showing that you really believe you are alive in Christ’s new life.

To settle it for yourself and everyone else—a bench mark you can use to say, “I have made my commitment to follow Christ with no exceptions.”

A statement to the world, all who know you and those you may have associated with in unhealthy practices (sin). It is now easier to make the break.